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Non Medical Staff to be cut in Colleges

Published on Aug 16 2018 | Updated on Aug 16 2018
Non Medical Staff to be cut in Colleges
Non-medical teachers who are M.Sc graduates teaching anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology and bio-chemistry in medical colleges will now be reduced to 15 percent, according to a proposal by Medical Council of India to the union health ministry. The medical colleges presently have 30 per cent of staff who are M.Sc graduates and according to this propos-al they will be reduced to 15 per cent and in the next three years they will be discontinued.
The National M.Sc Medical Teachers' Association (NMMTA) have strongly opposed this proposal of MCI. The non-medical teachers have M.Sc / Ph.D in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology and biochemistry. They are teaching the medical course and also monitor the diagnostic laboratories and guide students in research. Dental colleges have 50 per cent non-medical teachers. The MCI has sent this proposal as there are MBBS graduates who are pursuing studies in anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry and other subjects.
The MCI feels that these doctors will bring in the clinical experience in teaching students. Dr Sridhar Rao, NMMTA president, has stated that many of the M.Sc graduates who are looking for jobs in medical colleges will not be able to avail of the same if the proposal is cleared.