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Student told to pay Rs.2,000 for TC

Published on Jun 26 2018 | Updated on Jun 26 2018
Student told to pay Rs.2,000 for TC
A city model was denied Transfer Certificate (TC) when she visited her brother's college to collect his TC and other certificates. The college asked her to pay 22,000 to get the 'It. However, she could not get the TC because she refused to pay the extra fees of 12,000 for the certificates. Ritu Biradar, 27, a city resident from Bowenpally, alleged that a college was not supposed to demand fees for giving TC if there were no dues to be paid.
"I went to RGR Siddhanthi College to collect TC bonafide for my younger brother and the officials asked me to pay ? 2,000. I checked with my friends and they told me if the college fees are paid, we don't have to pay anything. I can pay the fees and get the TC but what is the need to pay Z2,000 extra to get '1`C after clearing all the college fees." She said: "After waiting for halfanhour I spoke to the principal of the college who told me that they charge 12,000 and don't know if other colleges collect the fees or not. I want complain about the about the unacceptable fees.
" Mr P.L. Srinivas, founder of RGR Siddhanthi College, told this newspaper, "The allegations by the concerned person is totally wrong and we inquired about the incident that happened today at college. We found that the student has not paid his pending fees."