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Changes in Telangana Inter First Year Syllabus

Published on Jun 5 2018 | Updated on Jun 5 2018
Changes in Telangana Inter First Year Syllabus
The intermediate board has concentrated on the quality of education, preparing students to face national level challenges and be successful in jobs. In line with this view, they have changed the education pattern to make the student fit for competitions with Communication skills and Knowledge.
New textbooks have been introduced from the 2018-19 curriculums. About 5.5 lakh books, including flue books, are needed for the students of the state. The first year text-books were formally launched by the Principal Secretary and Commissioner of Intermediate Education, B. Udaya Lakshmi, here on Monday.
First, in the first year curriculum, Telugu. English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu were completely revised. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and arts subjects like Accountancy, Commerce etc., will be partially changed and upgraded by removal of outdated topics.
The textbooks, which were prepared by experts under the guidance of a revised commit-tee, will be most usefull for the next step after Intermediate like MEET. JEE, CA and other courses. About 37 subjects of Vocational Intermediate courses were also revised and those textbooks will be uploaded on the board website, as only a few students will join in various courses. Private printers, in addition to the Government press, are also permitted to print text-books by paying a royalty to the government.
Commissioner B. Udaya Lakshmi said "The change in the education system is required for state students to be at par with national level students in competitions" She said the new books should improve knowledge along with ethics which would be useful for the society. "The government wants to develop good communication skills in the students and make them the best citizens," she added.