AP DSC Syllabus 2018, Andhra Pradesh DSC Syllabus & DSC Exam Pattern 2018

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DSC Syllabus 2018
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AP DSC Syllabus 2018

Flash.. Flash.. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has given eligibility to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) for teaching from the class of 1st to 5th or SGT with the condition of sixth month bridge course after having appointment of SGT. The council have released a notification announcing the amendments in the eligibility on Tuesday.
Any candidate who has acquired the qualification of Bachelor of Education from any NCTE recognized institution and secured 50 percent in graduation shall be considered for appointment as a teacher in classes Ito V provided the person so appointed as a teacher shall mandatorily undergo a six month Bridge Course in Elementary Education recognized by the NCTE, within two years of such appointment as primary teacher. Andhra Padesh State DSC Syllabus 2018 is officially released by Andhra Pradesh DSC Board (APDSC) in association with Department Of School Education, Andhra Pradesh. The Board also released AP DSC Notification 2018
NCERT has framed the syllabus and submitted to APDSC through DSC board. There is no much difference in AP DSC Syllabus when compared with old DSC Syllabus. Some new topics are covered in the syllabus like Perspectives in education for SGT etc;

This article consists of the following

  • Andhra Pradesh DSC 2018 syllabus in English Medium
  • Andhra Pradesh DSC 2018 syllabus in Telugu Medium
  • Andhra Pradesh DSC Exam pattern 2018 for SGT, SA, Language pandit, PET
  • AP DSC SGT Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC SA Social Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC SA Maths Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC SA Hindi Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC SA Sciences Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC SA Telugu Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC SA English Syllabus - English & Telugu medium
  • AP DSC Language pandit Syllabus - English & Telugu medium

AP DSC Syllabus 2018
AndhraPradesh State DSC Notification 2018, AP DSC official notification 2018 is about to release soon. All activities are commenced to release official DSC notification/ TRT Notification for 12,370 posts.
AP Minister Sri Ganta Srinivas has announced teacher recruitment through DSC. The entire recruitment process will be finished before commencement of sep 15th 2018. Minister has released the entire schedule of recruitment of teachers through DSC exam and this schedule consists of issuing DSC Notification in the month of april (tentative)
The total posts for Schools assistants (SA), Secondary Grade Teachers (SGT), Language Pandits (LP) others are 10351 posts, additional vaccines sanctioned post (3290 post), AP model school phase 1 post total of 929 posts.
School education commissioner has informed that 3407 additional latest rationalized requirement was also added in 10351 posts and sent to finance department for approval. This year APTET will be separate and not included along with TRT. So a separate exam will be conducted for APTET and AP DSC for recruitment of teachers. The reason of bifurcation of TET from TRT because, social welfare and private schools required TET people for their teacher vacancies. For the first time TET will online exam for the year 2018 conducted by AP DSC board.

AP DSC Syllabus 2018
Click here to Get more details about AP DSC Notification 2018 here

AP DSC SGT Exam Pattern 2018

Duration : 2 Hours & 30 Minutes
Sl. NoSubjectNo. of Marks
1G.K & Current Affairs10M
2Perspectives of Education05M
3Classroom implications Educational Psychology05M
4Content & Methodologies60M (45+15)

Andhra Pradesh DSC PET Exam Pattern 2018

Duration : 2 Hours & 30 Minutes
Sl. NoSubjectNo. of Marks
1GK and Current Affairs,English - Language 250
2Physical Education30

AP DSC LP Exam Pattern 2018

Duration : 2 Hours & 30 Minutes
Sl. NoSubjectNo. of Marks
1G.K & current Affairs10M
2Perspectives of Education05M
3Classroom implications Educational Psychology05M

Andhra Pradesh SA Exam Pattern 2018

Duration : 2 Hours & 30 Minutes
Sl. NoSubjectNo. of Marks
1G.K & current Affairs10M
2Perspectives of Education05M
3Classroom implications Educational Psychology05M

AP DSC Syllabus 2018 (release date):

Name of the Examination: DSC - SGT, DSC - SA (School Assistant), DSC - Language Pandit, DSC - Physical Education Teacher
Exam Conducted by: Andhra Pradesh DSC Board, Vijayawada
DSC Notification date: released Click here for DSC 2018 Notification
DSC Exam date:24th TO 26th August 2018
DSC Initial Key date: August 27th
DSC Final Key released on: 10th September 2018
DSC Results on: 15th September 2018
Help Desk:AP DSC - 040-23120441. (Call Time :10.30 A.M to 5:00 P.M on working days)

How to Download AP DSC Syllabus 2018?

It is very to download Andhra Pradesh DSC Syllabus 2018. Please follow the simple steps given below to get ap dsc syllabus.
  1. Go to the official website of www.manabadi.co.in & apdsc.cgg.gov.in to get the home page.
  2. After entered to the official website please click on the link AP DSC Syllabus 2018.
  3. By clicking on the link you will be navigated to the syllabus page.
  4. The page contains different syllabuses regarding DSC - SGT, DSC - SA, DSC - Language pandit in different medium.
  5. Click on the appropriate link ap dsc 2018 Syllabus will be displayed.
  6. You can copy the same and paste into a word or excel ts trt syllabus list for future references.
  7. You can download the list from the right column available in the same page

List of allied subject for School Assistant Non-Language Posts

Sl.No Subjects eligible for School Assistant (Non Languages Posts Allied subjects for School Assistant (Non- Languages) Posts
1 Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Statics
2 Physics Applied Physics, Engineering Physics Instrumentation, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Applied Electronics
3 Chemistry Applied Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Green Chemistry, Catalysis
4 Botany Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental
Science, ForensicScience, Genetics,
Microbiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Industrial
Microbiology, Agriculture, Dry Land Agriculture,
Food Technology, Biological Science, Geology,
Forestry, LifeSciences, Sericulture,
5 Zoology Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental
Science, ForensicScience, Genetics,
Microbiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Industrial
Microbiology, Public Health, Human Genetics,
BiologicalScience, Fisheries, Sericulture,
Aquaculture, Marine Science, Poultry Sciences,
Food and Nutrition, Wildlife, Dairy Science.
6 History Ancient Indian History and Culture &
Archaeology, Tourism
7 Economics Applied Economics, Econometrics, Agricultural Economics
8 Geography Geoinformatics, Environmental Studies, Geology
9 Political Science or Politics Environmental Studies, International Studies, Rural Development, Public Policy.
10 Public Administration Public Policy and Public Administration, Public Administration and governance
11 Sociology Anthropology, Social Work, Social Anthropology, Rural Development, Demography
12 Psychology Child Psychology, Counselling
13 Philosophy -
14 Commerce Economics/BusinessEconomics, Business
Organization and Management, Statistics/
Business Statistics, Quantitative Techniques,
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance,
Accountancy/Financial Accounting,
Fundamental of Information Technology.

What to do after AP DSC 2018 Syllabus releases?

Despite of waiting for DSC Notification 2018 it is suggestable to prepare for the Examination

Prepare 3 Months Time Table :

Once the DSC Syllabus 2018 for Andhra Pradesh state is released there is a chance of getting DSC Notification in few days. Once the DSC 2018 Notification is released the exam date will be in 2 months. So prepare a Plan of preparation for 2 months.

What to Prepare for DSC 2018 :

Based upon your interest of choice like DSC 2018 - SGT, DSC 2018 SA, DSC 2018 Language Pandit you have to go through the respective syllabus and collect the appropriate books, study material, previous exam papers, keys and preferably 7th class to 10th class text books. You can also Join training institute for your preparation

Which is best training institute for ap dsc 2018 :

Well it is the very common question for all aspirants. There are many institutes which provide training, but the thing what matters is how best you are extracting from them. You have to listen them carefully, prepare yourself notes and start getting prepared. We also suggest to go for DSC 2018 Online coaching even if you are going to training institute. The reason is, sometimes you may not understand the faculty because of fluency, voice or any other disturbance. At that time you cannot ask him to repeat the class. Or it may be tedious to write the running notes of him. So it's better to have an online coaching class. With this AP DSC Online coaching Classes you can hear the class at anytime, anywhere and pause and repeat the class whenever you want. Now the question is where you can get Online Coaching. We suggest you to go Manabadi trt Online coaching. It is the best ap dsc online coaching 2018 in this Online coaching you can view video classes through internet. Even if you don't have internet you can view videos through pendrive. The pendrive can be attached to your mobile.

Which Books are best for preparation :

There are lot of books in the market. We suggest you to prepare telugu academic text books starting from 7th Class to 10th Class all subjects. You can also try Manabadi DSC study material which is prepared by the best faculty with lot of research and point to point information removing the unnecessary things. Manabadi study material not helps you to know what to read but it also helps what not to read

How many hours should I prepare for AP DSC 2018:

Minimum of 4hrs in the 1st week, extended to 6hrs in 2nd week and 8hrs in 3rd week till end of the exam definitely get you seat

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