TS Gurukulam 5th Class Results 2021

TS Gurukulam V-TG CET Results 2021 Released

TGCET is the entrance exam conducted for the admission of 5th class in TS Residential school. Telangana Gurukul Schools for the 2021-2022 academic year.

TS Gurukulam 5th Class Results 2021
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TS Gurukulam V-TG CET Results 2021

TS Gurukulam V-TG CET Results 2021 Click Here

TS Gurukulam 5th Class Results 2021

TGCET announcement 2021 for 5th Class Common Entrance Test (TGCET) 2021 for admission 5th Class in TSWRIES, TTWREIS, TREIS, TSBCWREIS, SC, ST, and BC Welfare Residential Schools for the academic year 2021-22 was announced by the Government of Telangana, TSWREIS. Eligible applicants can apply online on the official website www.tgcet.cgg.gov.in/ from 10th March to 10th May 2021.

TS Gurukulam 5th Class Results 2021

TS Residential Schools 5th Class Admission:

The Telangana Gurukulam 5th class entrance exam announcement is published every year. TG CET 2021 is required for those who want to apply for Telangana Gurukul 5th Class Admission Residental Schools. Every year, a large number of students enrol at the Gurukulam. Despite this, a larger number of students than predicted sought for admission. Admission to the fifth grade at TS Residential Schools will be based on community, such as OBC, General, SC, ST, and Minority Residential Schools. Students who complete the application form will be invited to take the association's entrance exam. Students will be admitted depending on their performance on the admissions exam.

This TS Residential Schools Admission Test is for admissions to TREIS, Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, and BC Welfare Gurukuls in the fifth grade. So, for all TSWREIS, TTWREIS, TREIS, and TSBCWREIS Residential Schools, there will be a 5th class Common Entrance exam. TGCET Exams will be held at all District Head Quarters on July 18, 2021.

How to Apply Online for TGCET 2021:

TG CET 2021 Eligibility Criteria:

TGCET 2021 Exam Pattern:

Questions from the 4th grade are asked in an objective format in the 5th grade entrance exam. The exam will last two hours. The exam will be given in Telugu, English, and Urdu.

Subject Questions Marks
Telugu 20 20 Marks
English 25 25 Marks
Maths 25 25 Marks
EVS 20 20 Marks
Mental Ability 10 10 Marks
Total 100 100 Marks

TS Gurukulam Result: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here, we have discussed some of the questions that are frequently asked by the students regarding the Results.

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Gurukula results 2021
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Gurukula results 2021
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Gurukula 5th class Result
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TS Gurukulam 5th Class Results 2021