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The Office of International Affairs: Taiwans commerce and industry have long reached around the world, and in recent years, the nations educational system has been expanding its international horizons in new ways. Taiwan is still seen by many countries as a prime source of students seeking an international education, but while thirty years ago this resulted in a brain drain of Taiwans young talent to other countries, the drain has now changed to an exchange, with faculty and students traveling in both directions for research, degree programs, and international experience. Facilitating this exchange has involved Taiwans educational institutions in many changes to remove unnecessary obstacles and provide necessary support.


This financial aid is made available to international graduate students for the purpose of globalizing the campus by attracting outstanding graduate students from abroad. Eligibility: College graduates or graduate students from abroad applying for admission to our graduate programs as full-time students may apply for one years financial aid. Near the end of their first academic year, students may apply for the renewal of the financial aid for their next year of graduate study by submitting the following materials: the previous years transcript, a report on or examples of their research output, and a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor. Students who have already received financial aid from the R.O.C. government or other academic sources are not eligible to apply to this particular financial aid program; however, they may still receive an educational subsidy for any work performed. Duration of Scholarships: 1. Masters program scholarships: maximum two years 2. Ph.D. program scholarships: maximum three years 3. Masters fast -track to Ph.D. program scholarships: maximum four years The sources of this financial aid are the university endowment fund and subsidies from the Ministry of Education. Number of recipients: Will be decided each year based upon the university annual budget.


Required documents: 1. All in-coming students must submit all the documents required of foreign applicants for admission, including official transcripts of graduate and/or undergraduate programs attended, letters of recommendation, a physical examination certificate and an official language test score (TOEFL or its equivalent). 2. Returning students should submit a scholarship application form, the previous years official transcript, a report on or examples of their research output, and a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor. When to file an application: 1. In-coming students should file a financial aid application form at the same time they submit their application for admission. 2. Before the expiration of their current scholarship, returning students should submit a financial aid application form to their department or graduate program office no later than the scholarship application deadline announced by the university.


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