Jindal Trust Studentship


The Jindal Trust Studentship awards are scholarships awarded by the Sitaram Jindal Foundation, known earlier as the S.J.Jindal Trust. The S.J. Jindal Trust was established by Dr.S.R. Jindal with the able assistance of his wife Smt.Jamnadevi Jindal, in the year 1969. Among its many objectives, the Sitaram Jindal Foundation focuses mainly onn * Providing financial assistance and maintaining schools, colleges, pathshalas and other centers of learning for the education of children * Establish schools, colleges and educational institutions for the spread of knowledge and mental growth of individuals in the country. * Offering financial help to orphanages, old age homes and homes for rehabilitation of women who are in distressed condition. * Offering financial assistance to physically disabled students


The S.J. Jindal Foundation scholarships are available to: * Girl students studying in classes 9 and 10. * Girl students studying in classes 11 and 12 * Graduates from all streams such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Engineering, Medicine * Post graduate courses in Arts, Science, Pharmacy, Library Science, Mass Communication, Veterinary Science etc * Students who have obtained more than 65% marks in the courses mentioned above are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Students should have passed the earlier examination in the first attempt * Girl students who have obtained at least 50% marks in class 9 or 10 are eligible for the scholarships * Since the scholarships are for students representing the financially weaker sections of our society, documentary evidences are required to be submitted to the Foundation for availing of the scholarships * The candidates applying for the scholarships should be citizens of India * The candidates should not be in employment, either part time or whole time * Students who are either registered in part time courses or are pursuing private correspondence courses cannot avail of the scholarships


Value of Scholarships : The scholarship amount varies from a monthly allowance of Rs. 400/- to Rs.2,200/- Eligibility Criteria for the Jindal Trust Studentship: The eligibility criteria for the Jindal Trust Studentship are as follows : * Candidates applying for the studentship should have a Bachelors degree with a minimum of 60% marks * Candidates should necessarily belong to the economically weaker section of the society Duration : The number of fellowships that awarded in year are not fixed. The Fellowships are for a period of 1 year.


Application procedure of the Jindal Trust Studentship: Applications for the studentships are scrutinized and evaluated by the Trust members and selection is done by them. The applications should contain the following information : * Information about family * The course for which he/she is applying for scholarship * Percentage of marks obtained in the previous examination * Yearly income of parents * Valid reasons for applying for the scholarship Value of Fellowships: The Fellowships provide for tuition fees of the students. Address : For students in the northern and eastern parts of India the contact address is : Sitaram Jindal Foundation Naturalle No.11, Green Avenue, Behind Sector D 111 Bhatta Road, Vasant Kunj New Delhi 110 070 Phone: 011 26890962 -63 011- 26890914 Email: jaldel@jindalaluminium.com For more details Log on : http://www.srjf.org/default.html
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