Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme,Tempus Public Foundation - 1st Jan, 2016


Description: Tempus Public Foundation invites applications for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme from students from all around the world to apply for higher educational studies in Hungary for the academic year 2016 - 17. Scholarship Details: . Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships are available for bachelor, master, one-tier master, doctoral and non-degree programmes (preparatory and specialization courses). Both full time and part time study modes are available in case of bachelor, master, one-tier master and doctoral studies. . Tuition-free education: exemption from the payment of tuition fee. Monthly stipend: . Non-degree, bachelor, master and one-tier master level: monthly HUF 40 460 (cca EUR 130) contribution to the living expenses, for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies, . Doctoral level: according to the current Hungarian legislation, it is monthly HUF 100 000 (cca EUR 325) at present - for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies - but the legislation is to be changed, consequently the amount is expected to be raised. . Accommodation: dormitory place or a monthly contribution of HUF 30 000 to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period. . Medical insurance: health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act No. 80 of 1997, national health insurance card) and supplementary medical insurance.


Eligibility: . The Stipendium Hungaricum Programme is based on effective bilateral educational cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary and the partners Ministry responsible for higher education. Applications will be considered eligible if the applicant is nominated by the responsible authorities of the sending partner. . For full time programmes, students can apply from the following sending partners: Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Cambodia, China (including the Hudec scholarships), Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kurdistan Regional Government/Iraq, Laos, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, The Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uruguay, Vietnam, Yemen . For part time programmes, students can apply from the following sending partners: Belarus, Cambodia, China (only Hudec applicants), Georgia, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Laos, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Turkey Applications will not be considered in the following cases: . Hungarian citizens (including those with dual citizenships), . Former Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders, who are re-applying for studies in the same cycle of education (e.g. bachelor, master, doctoral).


How to apply: . Applicants can apply through online from 1st January, 2016.


Important Dates: . Start of Online application: 1st January, 2016 . Last date for submitting application: 1st March, 2016 For more details, please visit: /2966//stipendium-hungaricum//
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