Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme


The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme is a monetary and mentoring programme to support girls in need to pursue their education, which would help them becoming economically independent and contribute to their as well as social development. Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme is a Scholarship and Personality Development Programme for girls from lower socio-economic milieu. It reaches out to disadvantaged girls who live with their natural families, but in difficult circumstances. They are given monetary and mentoring support to continue pursuing academic and vocational training to attain independence.


* Female Indian citizen, permanent resident of Delhi. Students of Krukshetra University and school are also eligible to apply. * support income of the family members/ guardian not to exceed Rs. 96,000/- per annum. * Minimum marks required for Fellowships for academic courses is 65% and for vocational courses is 55%. * Candidates are required to obtain admission to the desired school /college/ university/institute, prior to seeking Fellowships. * Qualities that are looked for in the prospective Fellows are a sensitivity towards the social development and economic empowerment of women in India, literary and scholastic achievements, integrity of character, interest in fellow beings, ability to lead and the energy to use ones talent to the fullest.


The Fellows are selected through a two-step process: Firstly they must have crossed the Std X barrier which is an indicator that despite all odds, the family has believed in the education of the girl / woman. Secondly, the candidates have to appear for a NAT test (Needs / Ambition / Talent) devised by Udayan Care. There is an application form that students must fill up. The form is devised in a manner that it conveys the needs, ambition and talent of the applicant. Once the forms are screened, those selected are called for a written test. The written test is a general one, based on revealing the general knowledge, personal aptitude and approach to life, and understanding of social issues of the applicant. If selected, she is called for an interview with the family to evaluate the girls needs and support of the family. After the interviews, home-visits are done by our social worker/s to assess the overall condition of the candidate. Those selected are awarded the Fellowships.


To apply for scholarship, in Delhi, the prospective Fellow needs to submit a completed application at the Udayan Care office or at Mahavir Sr. Model School, Sangam Park Extn., opp. Nanak Piao Gurudwara, Delhi 110008. For candidates residing in Kolkotta, the application form has to reach at Flat - 52, 52/1 K. M. Naskar Road, Amropali, Tollygunge, Kolkata - 700 040 the candidates also can contact on the following number (033) 24811474. The candidates from Kurukshetra may contact Prof Sushama Sharma, Dean of education University of Kurukshetra. The Application process begins in June-July every year and selections are completed in the month of August. For more details Log on : http://www.udayancare.org/
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