Attention Freshers: Paid Apprenticeship under the scheme of National Apprenticeship Training


Anyone, especially freshmen who has been in the job market for a considerable period knows that the game is hard to play. Education News All the fancy degrees and internships prove worthless when it comes to the question of work experience. Those who manage to get a job through this entire hassle end up with a terrible pay. On one hand we have industries looking for qualified candidates and qualified individuals without work experience on the other. So the Government has finally stepped in solve the issue by bridging the gap between freshmen and industries.


Who are eligible? The scheme is open to all freshmen holding a degree or diploma in the fields of Engineering/ Technology/ Pharmacy/Hotel Management and Catering Technology/Architecture and those who have done vocational courses after 10+2 level. It is to be noted that, this scheme will be valid even if the company/ business has Trade Apprentices. How to enrol Interested candidates are requested to contact the concerned centres using the following sites depending on the region they hail form since this is a region based scheme. Please follow the sites given below for more details.


Programme details The duration of the programme will be for one year. A minimum of stipend will be made available to the candidates under this scheme; however it may vary depending to the industries. Those who complete one year with satisfactory results will also receive a certification of Proficiency. Benefits Best part is the one year under this scheme will be counted as work experience, not an internship or apprenticeship. There wont be any last date or closing date for the programme, candidates can start on any day of the year. The scheme ensures fixed working hours Also it guarantees a decent minimum pay.


New scheme Government has put in place the Apprentices act which makes it mandatory for all the business in any trade or occupation to engage Graduate, Technician and Technician (vocational) as per the number of seats allocated by the Regional Boards of Apprenticeship training. Scheme is put into place by the Ministry of Human resources, Department of Higher Education and Government of India together through four Regional Boards of Apprenticeship. The Government will be reimbursing 50% of the minimum prescribed stipend to the employers under this programme. What is it for? The programmes have placed it focus mainly on skill development with an "on the job" experience. The programme aims to impart both hard skills and soft skills to the candidates within the training period. The programme is expected to contribute to the process of making the freshmen employable.
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