Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advance Scientific Research: Visiting Fellowship for Reseachers


To foster collaborations with the Centres faculty and to provide research opportunities, the Centre offers Visiting Fellowships to research scientists working in educational institutions and R&D laboratories in India. Visiting fellows are associated with faculty and honorary faculty of the Centre, and the research work is carried out in the host institution in the broad areas of


Life Sciences (including molecular and developmental biology, chronobiology, genetics, ecology, behaviour); Materials Sciences (including nanoscience); Chemical Sciences (including solid-state chemistry, theoretical/computational chemistry, and inorganic, physical and organic chemistry); Physical Sciences (including experimental and theoretical condensed-matter and materials physics, statistical physics, organic electronics and experimental nano biotechnology); Engineering Sciences (including fluid dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, and thermal and chemical engineering); and Atmospheric Sciences.


Eligibility: Research scientists / engineers (preferably with a Ph.D), who have permanent positions in educational institutions. R&D laboratories etc. are invited to apply. individuals who have utilized this Visiting Fellowship Programme earlier need not apply.


Last date for receipt of completed application form: 10th September 2011.
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