Shrawan Tandon Scholarship


SHRAWAN TANDON SCHOLARSHIP FOR THE WARDS OF BPRDs EMPLOYEES : Shri Sharawan Tandon, IG(Retd.), BPRD has donated a sum of Rs. 5 lakh to BPRD Welfare fund to be used as corpus and the interest accrued to be used for the scholarship to the wards of Group "D" employees of BPRD. 1.The Scholarship will be known as "SHARAVAN TANDON SCHOLARSHIP". 2.The funds will be deposited in long term fixed deposited in a public bank in order to earn interest, which could utilized for the purpose of awarding scholarships to the wards of BPRDs employees.


Eligibility Conditions: ................................. 1. All the applications, on the prescribed from, will be forwarded through the Branch concerned of the employees. 2. Wards of employees who received grade Pay Rs. 1800 to 2000/- only will be eligible. 3. Scholarship will be awarded for two years as per the following criteria:- 1. Applicant should have passed the class X with minimum 60% aggregate marks and got admitted to class XI. The scholarship will be awarded for two years(classes XI & XII). As such, the applicant will have to produce from the institution that he has passed class XI for the scholarship for class XI 2. If a student fails in class XI, he or she would be eligible has passed the examination of class X for scholarship in class XI. Similar action will be taken for claiming scholarship in class. Scholarship for Academic/Professional courses: ............................................................................ Two scholarships of Rs. 2,000/-each per annum in each class for the wards of Group D employees getting admission in Graduation/Post graduation/professional courses for three or four years, as the case may be.


Eligibility conditions: * All the applications, on the prescribed form, will be forwarded through the Heads of Division concerned of the employee. * Scholarship will be awarded for three or four years as the case may be, provided the applicant qualifies every year. * Applicant will have to produce certificate from the institution every year that he or she has qualified and promoted to next year and still studying in the institution. * All the applications on the prescribed form should accompany the attested copy of marks sheet along with a certificate from the school concerned that the applicant is a bonafide student of the institution and has passed the examination, in first attempt, the year for which he or she is applying for scholarship. * Wards of employees who received Grade Pay Rs. 1800 to 2000 only will be eligible. 5. All the applications through respective Heads of Division/unit concerned should read Hqrs.( Head of Administration Division) by 31 July every year. 6. A board of officers shall be constituted to scrutinize the applications and submit its report for recommending the applicant for awarding the scholarship on the merit-cum financial status of the employees. 7. The rate of scholarship will be revised on the basis of accrual of interest time to time. 8. A separate cash book will be maintained by the cashier (Welfare) and will get the FD renewed time to time to earn maximum interest.


Last date to apply: 31 July Scholarship for Class XI & XII Four scholarships each of Rs. 1,000/- per annum for the ward of employees for XI & XII classes. These scholarships will be awarded on merit basis.
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