Intermediate Fellowships for Researchers in India


Overview This scheme supports excellent scientists who wish to undertake high-quality research and to establish themselves as independent researchers in an academic institution in India. The fellowship is for five years and provides: 1.The Fellows personal support (for details see costing policies). 2.Research expenses, including research assistance if required (normally funding for two research staff may be requested; requests for additional research staff may be considered where fieldwork or clinical studies are proposed). 3.Additional allowances for scientifically justified visits of up to one year. 4. Time permitted for non-research related activity during the fellowship is normally restricted to a maximum of eight hours each week.


Eligible Candidates: ................................. You should have between four to seven years of postdoctoral/clinical research experience and would normally have obtained a PhD. You do not have to be an Indian national or be resident in India at the time of application. However, it is expected that the majority of your research will take place in the Indian host institution and that your long-term aim is to pursue a career in India. You must have made intellectual contributions to research that have been published in leading journals, and be able to demonstrate your potential to carry out independent research.


Sponsorship: ..................... You must have an eligible sponsoring host institution in India and an eligible sponsor who can guarantee space and resources for the tenure of the award. The host institution sponsor: 1.must have a contract of employment with the institution with tenure beyond the duration of the proposed fellowship 2. should make an undertaking that if an award is made you will be granted the status and prerogatives of other academic staff of similar seniority 3. should not expect you to spend more than eight hours per week on activities unrelated to the fellowship (e.g. teaching duties) 4. Sponsors are encouraged to view their support and mentor-ship to you as part of a longer-term commitment to help you realize your career aspirations in research. Application process: ............................... 1.You should complete and submit a preliminary application form by the published deadline. 2. Completed preliminary application forms should be sent to 3. Your preliminary application will normally be assessed within one month of the submission deadline. 4. If successful, you will be invited to submit a full application. 5. Full applications are considered once a year by the appropriate Selection Committee. If successful, you will be short-listed for interview. 6. Short-listed candidates will be notified two weeks before the interview date.


Deadlines This is an annual competition. Preliminary application deadline: 23 April 2010 Invited full application deadline: 2 July 2010 Funding Committee review: September 2010 Short-listed candidate interviews: October 2010 Fellowships must be started within one year of award. Contacts: ....................... Completed preliminary application forms should be sent to Queries can also be directed to kindly mention: when applying for this fellowship Important Dates: ........................... Invited full application deadline: July 2011 Selection Committee review: October 2011 Short-listed candidate interviews: Mid November 2011
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