Making the first day easier

> Remind your child that she is not the only student who is a bit uneasy about the first day of -school. Teachers know that students are anxious and will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

> Point out the positive aspects of starting school: It will be fun. She'll see old friends and meet new friends. Refresh her memory about previous years, when she may have returned home after the first day with high spirits because she had a good time.


> Give your child some strategies for coping with bullies. He should not give in to a bully's demands, but should simply walk away or tell the bully to stop. If you have to, talk with the teacher about a persistent bully.

> Find another child in the neighbourhood with whom your youngster can walk to school or ride with on the bus. If your child is older, have him offer to walk with or wait at the bus stop with a new or younger child.

> If you feel it is appropriate, drive your child (or walk with her) to school and pick her up on the first day.